IP Valuations

Unlike some intangible assets, intellectual property (IP) assets are legally protected and are therefore enforceable. External factors such as market conditions continually affect the value of intellectual property (IP) assets. Our intellectual property (IP) valuation team provides valuations to corporates, merchant banks, venture capitalists and accounting firms in South Africa for the purpose of establishing royalty rates for licensing; raising capital for an acquisition or sale; brand management; compliance; tax; insurance; and for litigation and expert witness work.

Before starting the valuation process, we gain a full understanding of the fundamental nature of the intellectual property (IP) rights that are to be valued. We deploy tried and tested techniques resulting in a precise valuation report.

We also provide advisory and consultancy services, helping clients to derive the best value out of their intellectual property (IP) assets as their business evolves. Our valuation team is part of Spoor & Fisher Consulting (Pty) Ltd, an affiliate of Spoor & Fisher South Africa.

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