Registered Designs

Note: Although mainland Tanzania and offshore Zanzibar are united politically to form the Republic of Tanzania, they are treated separately for registration purposes, and separate design applications are required. Despite merger into the United Republic of Tanzania since 1964, Zanzibar retains its own legislature, courts and laws on industrial property inter alia.

Membership of International Conventions:

  • Paris Union (from 16 June 1965 - as United Republic of Tanzania)
  • WIPO (from 30 December 1983 - as United Republic of Tanzania)
  • ARIPO (from 1 September 1999)

Types of Designs available:

Industrial Designs

Design Protection:

A UK registered design automatically extends to Tanzania. No re-registration of the UK registered design is required. Currently there is no provision in Tanzania for independent design registration. Tanzania is a member of ARIPO but see comments on ARIPO below. Tanzania law does not provide for any design registration mechanism, or any protection for unregistered designs.

Duration and Renewal:

The design remains in force for so long as the UK design on which it is based remains in force.

ARIPO design in which Tanzania is designated:

Even though it is possible to designate Tanzania in an ARIPO design application, there is no national law in Tanzania which specifically provides for design protection via ARIPO and there is therefore uncertainty as to whether or not any design protection can be obtained in Tanzania through an ARIPO design application.

Please see ARIPO

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