Mbube copyright: 'A lump sum of royalties would be paid to Linda family'

The much-anticipated Disney's new 3D Lion King hit the big screens last week Friday.

The film tells the classic tale of a young lion cub, Simba seeking to avenge his father Mufasa's death and save his kingdom.

The movie is rendered in photo-realistic visuals using cutting-edge effects.

A few weeks ago Pippa Hudson chatted to musician Lebo M, who has once again played a crucial role in the film’s soundtrack.

She then received an email from listener Fiona, wondering whether the film would make use of the famous song The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

The song was in the middle of a lengthy battle involving the family of the late composer Solomon Linda, which resulted in the family taking Disney to court over copyright infringement.

To discuss the much-anticipated film and the court case outcome, Hudson chats to Spoor & Fisher consultant Dr Owen Dean.

"The song was written around the 1930s and the disc was released in South Africa around the 1950s. The disc was shipped over to America. A folk singer reworked the song into a song called Wimoweh and about 10 years later it was reworked again into The Lion Sleeps Tonight and lyrics were added because Linda's version didn't have lyrics." — Dr Owen Dean, Consultant - Spoor & Fisher.

He says the lawsuit was settled on a very favourable basis for the family.

"A lump sum of royalties would be paid to the family for past unauthorised use of Mbube. They agreed to pay royalties for past and future use." — Dr Owen Dean, Consultant - Spoor & Fisher

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This article was first published on Cape Talk.

Date published: 26 July 2019
Author: Spoor & Fisher