Important News! Service Marks Now Accepted in Nigeria

It has been announced from Nigeria that trade mark protection is now available for service marks, by virtue of an order made by the Federal Minister of Commerce.

It will be remembered that the existing Trade Marks Act, dating from 1965 and modelled on the British law of 1938, related only to marks used or proposed to be used in relation to goods. The lack of recognition for service marks was recognised by the profession and the Registrar and the new measures will allow service mark applications to be filed and processed at the Trade Marks Office.

Details of the latest announcement are still being evaluated but we are accepting instructions immediately for filing service mark applications.

Instructions and inquiries should be addressed to Spoor & Fisher Jersey:

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All that we need to proceed with a service mark trade mark application are the usual details of the mark, the applicant and the services to be claimed.

Power of Attorney forms can be downloaded from our website site at:

Please note that applications can however be filed on the basis that a formal Power of Attorney will follow.

Detailed documentary requirements can be obtained from our website at:

Chris Walters

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2007/03/30
Author: Chris Walters

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