Registered Designs

A registered design protects the outward appearance of an article to which a particular design is applied. Whereas patents relate to a concept, registered designs relate to a particular physical embodiment of a concept. The scope of protection afforded by a registered design is therefore narrower than the monopoly provided by a patent, but at the same time the requirement for registrability is also less stringent. An object may be the subject of both patent and design protection, and one must guard against viewing patents and registered designs as mutually exclusive.

The Designs Department at Spoor & Fisher includes four qualified patent attorneys who have acquired technical and legal qualifications and have more than 30 years' combined experience in the filing and prosecution of local and foreign design applications. They have also written various articles on topics covering design law.

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The Team

Keith Brown BSc (Eng) (Civil) LLB. Patent Attorney, Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.
Lodewyk Cilliers Pr Eng BEng (Mechanical) LLB. Patent Attorney, Attorney of the High Court of South Africa .
Lance Abramson BSc (Elec Eng) BProc. Patent Attorney, Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

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