Our team of over 20 registered patent attorneys handles not only the drafting and analysis of patent specifications but also the processing of incoming patent applications to be filed across Africa and the filing and prosecuting of patent applications through foreign associates in every country of the world. They also handle IP matters across all technical disciplines.

Our attorneys specialise in a range of industries including: electrical, electronics and software engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology and life sciences, chemistry and chemical engineering, mechanical, civil and mining engineering.

We have separate teams focusing on: 

Biotechnology and life sciencesChemistry and chemical engineeringMechanical, civil and mining engineeringElectrical, electronics and software engineeringNanotechnology 

Each of these teams comprises professionals with the appropriate science and engineering qualifications, together with legal qualifications and experience.

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Patents - Biotechnology and life sciences
Patents - Chemistry and chemical engineering
Patents - Mechanical, civil and mining engineering
Patents - Electrical, electronics and software engineering
Patents - Nanotechnology 

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