Copyright protects various types of “works”, which are the products of the mind reduced to material form. These include literary, artistic and musical works and computer programs. The nature of the protection is to grant a measure of exclusivity in the use of the works so as to control their commercial exploitation. In this manner copyright owners are placed in a position where they can derive income from the use of their works. By restricting the use of their works by others, copyright owners can also derive a competitive advantage over business rivals.

Since copyright protects virtually every piece of writing, visual materials (including technical drawings) and computer software, it permeates the day-to-day activities and modus operandi of every business. Moreover it exists automatically without any form of registration, with the result that it is inconspicuous. Prudent businesses should be aware of the risks and opportunities that it holds for them.

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Areas of specialisation within the Copyright Department include:

Films Music Sound Recordings

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