Welcome to the Spoor & Fisher New Client Liaison page.

As a prospective client wishing to explore the sphere of intellectual property, Spoor & Fisher would like to place the services of our New Client Liaison Teams at your disposal.


Headed up by Shamin Raghunandan, the team consists of:

 1group1 jpg.jpg

Front row: Shamin Raghunandan, Chavern Ismail and Linda Thilivhali.
Back row: Aletia Oberholster, Cheryl Payne and Reggie Dlamini.

For your convenience, the Trade Mark team has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions on Intellectual Property which you will be able to access after initial contact with the team.



Headed up by Lodewyk Cilliers, the team consists of:

LODEWYK group (2).jpg

From left to right: Keith Brown, Lodewyk Cilliers and Herman van Schalkwyk.

The teams will provide any details that you may require regarding the range and scope of intellectual property services offered by our firm and in particular, the protection applicable to your business.  Timelines and cost estimates will also be supplied. 

For further information, advice or assistance, please contact us telephonically at +27 12 676 1111 or by e-mail at

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